Welcome to our FlanaVILLE Shop – We are just two parents, trying to provide for our sweet girl. We will continue to achieve great things & big goals making memories along the way.

Note: Using Bonfire, we offer items in this shop for a limited time. There will be new options fairly often. Each time a campaign date finishes, the item goes to print and will go directly to your mailbox!

Our biggest goal, as Seeley’s parents, is to leave her with everything we possibly can, when we are no longer able to be here to support her.

This means all of the things.

We will work tirelessly to build on her skills to cope when life is hard. Because hard grows as life evolves, we know this isn’t a one and done lesson. We want her to understand her feelings and have confidence expressing them, if thats in spoken language at first, or not. We want her to have such a strong sense of self, that each time the human experience tries to dim her sparkle, she is strong enough to recharge it, and feels empowered to sparkle harder.

I pray we are able to support her in finding her various life’s passions, and when that comes to employment, at whatever age or skill level, that there is a company willing to continue her Growth Journey with her.

I hope that Billy and I can create such an understadning community, that not only will Seeley be supported, understood and celebrated, but that her peers will get to live in this evolved and closer to equal world with her.

As far as passion and purpose are concerned, Billy and I intend on teaching her what it means to work, offering the best she can, each and every day. This one will be easiest for us, since we know she works her {MERMAID} tail off every day to exist and adapt to a world that wasn’t exactly built for her.

I once reassured Billy that if her needs are such that she requires a helper to assist at work, then consider me a clipboard carrying mama. I am likely to have an extra dry erase marker, a bandage, and a bobby pin as well. And there is always that extra kleenex shoved in my sleeve, like a friend of Sophia’s from Golden Girls.

Mark my word, if I can create a company from nothing to support my kid, or employ kids like her… If I can man a platform to teach a skill, reinforce work ethic, responcibilities, flexability while showing people what it’s like to be a true team member — WATCH OUT WORLD.

This FlanaGirl is coming to EntrepreneurTown, again. This time, as FlanaGirl2.

So on that note, we have a plan.
{If you are an old employee of mine, rolling your eyes at that language like some sort of Meeting with Rachie trauma, or you are an Auntie, laughing and saying, girl’s always got a plan… put your seatbelt on.}

The basics are this. Use various Bonfire campaigns to purchase the things on our Amazon Wish List: Seeley’s Self Care and Sensory Toys Supplies List.

Then start making bath bomb, as a new slime alternative (which I wouldn’t mind having!). She will love it and I can plant (pun intended) essential oils in them, to relax as we science-craft-experiment.

I can already see her picking the color scheme, and creating .. it will go something like this:

Wash hands twice, measure and mix ingredients, promise not to pick her nose again, wash twice more, then form bath bombs with just the perfect amount of Mother Earth safe glitter and pack it up for shipping.

Once we have a good dozen or two, and we encounter a night where she sleeps, I will launch a little Etsy shop.

This way, I can stop buying glue like a mofo and peeling sticky hunks off the front of every shirt and sleeve cuff.

This way, we can create something that we can share with others.

If this sounds like a breach of child labor laws, please know that the one thing that motivates Seeley more than anything is doing something for someone else.

And, I can promise, we have long since passed the day where a pipe cleaner bracelet, (a Covid resistant) – blow a hug and kiss as a day maker, or delivering well wishes to every house on our boulevard serves the need she has for good deeds and helping others.

If you are still reading, you are not only a person I am grateful for but you also have to be the kind of reader/follower that knows she is part mermaid. You also know then, that she literally feels she “needs moisture to thrive”. Since winter is coming, and the pool is packed away — it’s bath season! There is nothing more therapeutic for her, that we have found so far that rivals water.

She also has a good grasp on when those tiny hands need a sensory toy, and she relies on them often through the day to manage it all.

Seeley has heard about this goal and is excited to spread comfort and joy to folks, with an extra touch of fancy.

When I have accomplished it, I will link a post about how hard it can be to find a great employer when you have disabilities.

These struggles are real here folks, and if I can make change with bath bombs and a plan, well that where I am fixin to start.



There is more to it then that, and there was a me before this.

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Let’s add more meaning, and sciencey art to the mix.