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Billy Flanagan, founding FlanaVille resident, turns 40!

Last year, as Seeley and I watched her dad enter his 39th year, we were looking at a very different fella. The obvious change is that this guy lost around 125 pounds since July, 2020. The less obvious change to those that don’t get to reside in FlanaVille, is that he is growing into the […]

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Three Kinds of Special Needs Parents and the Groups We March In

In this community, we have lovingly cultivated, there are three kinds of people, in three very different groups. I type this only to paradigm shift anyone on the ledge of two sides. Special Needs Parents find them selves here, there, or coasting. The Gratefully Coasting Group, is this: things are good, you continue with the […]

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Success in our Ville, is a whole different measure.

Seeley was around 3, when her speed and momentum coupled with great enthusiasm began toppling over kids at the park. For my daughter, many milestones don’t come naturally, we work through each and every inch of the mile. There are more families running with this reality than I knew before we were thrust into the […]

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The Helpers Arrived!

Once we learned there was no inpatient care available to get my babe off her meds, that were seeming to add to her mania — we worked with her doctor to accomplish what I have been to scared to start on my own. We are titrating off meds, and working into others. Billy is learning […]

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We ALL Needed a Break

Crisis is defined as a time of intense difficulty, trouble or danger. We are here. We have been here before and I am sure we will leave this episode and meet another in our future. Over the past couple of weeks, we have been struggling. And honestly, it’s been bad for such a long time […]

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Her Imagination and the Quest for Authentic

“Knowing that we can be loved exactly as we are gives us all the best opportunity for growing into the healthiest of people.” Fred Rogers Seeley Flanagan, is five and three quarters, and though she doesn’t yet have a grasp on how she earned all three of those quarters she sure would like to have […]

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5 small papers

I was going through some old notebooks and I ran across an exercise that I did in a leadership course a few years ago. It made me think of where my life is now, and I thought it was interesting to see it still holds true. Maybe even more so for me this year.  The […]

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Sleeplessness + an incorrect cup can make this world crash down.

Do you know and understand autism sleeplessness? Did your day start on Thursday, or before? This, is what’s happening in my home and in many like mine. My daughter Seeley, age five and a half, struggles with several facets of life, but nothing more than sleep and matters of mental health, at least from my […]

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Staying Present & Giving Them My Best

Through this journey with Seeley I have been thinking a lot about time lately. Especially since I am rolling into my 40s soon. The saying that times go fast as you get older is an understatement. I feel like as a society we don’t think of the moment a lot. It is always lets get […]

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Target Training.

Scripting. Hiding. Trying. Thriving. As a Minnesota native, I am proudly passionate about Target. I grew up to store #1, and feel she is out most famous native, even against Best Buy and 3M. Target was one of our first classrooms. We have a get in the cart system, she is too tall and together […]

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