Rachel Flanagan lives in Minnesota with her husband Billy and their daughter Seeley. Rachel is creative, motivated and is more than willing to learn – she is sleepless, funny and is always found with a cup of coffee. The family explores Seeley’s complexities and magic on a page called FlanaVILLE, found on Facebook. Rachel writes as she speaks, real, raw and from the heart (with a few colorful cursies). Grab an espresso, and try to keep up with the FlanaGirls and their handsome leading fella!

My closest friends call me Rachie.
See calls me mama, mom, Ringo or babe.
Those at many FlanaMom fearing agency of Minnesota call me, ‘Oh yes, Rachel, thanks for calling, I got your voicemail(s), and I was about to call you back’

I am just a mom, who wants all of the things for my daughter, who some people have a hard time understanding. We move quickly & I intend on changing the world in our wake.

Everyone calls him Billy.
Except the girl that calls him, handsome Daddy, or DADDDD.
There is also a gal that calls him hers,
and they both call each other babe.

He is just a dad, who wants all of the things for his daughter, who some people have a hard time understanding. We learn quickly & I plan on supporting all of the dads I cross paths with.

Everyone calls her special, magical, remarkable, sleepless, maybe a hellcat, and most of all extra …at least her folks do.
Her parents also call her forever theirs, which is their dream come true.

– Everyone else knows her as Seeley, See or SeeSee.
The special folks, of summer, call her Mermaid Seeley.
While those who meet her during winter, are likely to hear Elsa is preferred.