Billy Flanagan, founding FlanaVille resident, turns 40!

Last year, as Seeley and I watched her dad enter his 39th year, we were looking at a very different fella. The obvious change is that this guy lost around 125 pounds since July, 2020. The less obvious change to those that don’t get to reside in FlanaVille, is that he is growing into the man my boyfriend in 1999 was always meant to be.

He’s back and better then ever!

Last year, we celebrated him, as I have for the past 22.

I don’t even remember the day but I am sure it was two girls hollering ‘Happy Birthday!’ as many times as they could throughout the 24 hours dedicated to him.

What I didn’t know then, is that my over tired, overwhelmed, reactive and most often withdrawn husband of a few years was about to roll out.

I was going to get back the guy who lived with passion and determination. And, last year, on this day, I hadn’t seen that version of him in a long time.

When he found his way to the fire department, he found a family or friends like he hadn’t ever been a part of and it inspired confidence and trust in him.

Looking back to who we were in May of 1999, when we started dating; or who he was in July of 2004 when we got married fills me with the feelings of potential.

I remember feeling like if we could just prove ourselves a little more people would understand us.


Later, we came to realize that we gave very few f cared very little about what others understood about us.

We also learned our best balance.

Our formula during our best years of marriage was when he had passions, I had my own, and that we had some activities we shared.

This probably is part of our foundation, as we went to different high schools and though we respected the others hobbies, we didn’t always do everything together.

Anyhow, on this day, last year, we weren’t there. We weren’t even close and I couldn’t imagine that it could ever be possible again.

This is my firefighter husband, hubba hubba.

We had many years of hard stuff to blame for the changes, in him, in me and in us.

I didn’t even recognize completely what we had lost.

Until, he found it. And, holy mackerel, he found it.

July 2020 was his first real Covid scare. My brother ended up having swimmers ear with a fever, but either way, fever in 2020 was enough for Billy to get his brain poked and prodded during his first covid test.

He cried. It was painful, but part of me thinks it was tears of more. He was worried about the chest pain he was suffering from, he worried about the past year where he met with cardiologists and learned of his leaking valves.

He worried about being here for Seeley and I.

He thought being overweight with additional health issues with Covid meant certain death.

While we waited for his eventual negative test results, we discussed the only way to not be morbidly obese, was to change it.

He walked that night, and began fast that day.

In his quest to change his physical self — he reignited his interest in improving himself and working toward something, and being present.

Billy Flanagan is currently passionate about his wellness. He is so proud of what he has accomplished that he wants to share his journey with anyone who will listen.

So much has changed, his energy level is up, his flexibility is back both physically and emotionally and his desire to be involved has surged.

Ladies and gentlemen, my boyfriend is 40 and doing better then ever!

He is energetic about his work, his family and his lifestyle, not for a fleeting moment, as before, but rather constantly and consistently.

Billy Flanagan, I couldn’t be more proud of you. I am inspired by your growth and seeing you live in your potential is about the best thing I could have ever imagined.

Today, we barely celebrated, but it will continue all weekend, month and year because this guy, we have, is something!

This weekend, we will continue to reflect, but only as motivation to propel us forward, not in fear but in celebration of the accomplishments he has achieved.

We have so much planned for his 40th year!

We will continue to straighten out our struggles, grow with grace, empower one another and continue to cheer him on!

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