The Helpers Arrived!

If this doesn’t guide you through hard times,
I am honestly not sure how you make it.

Once we learned there was no inpatient care available to get my babe off her meds, that were seeming to add to her mania — we worked with her doctor to accomplish what I have been to scared to start on my own.

We are titrating off meds, and working into others. Billy is learning about each medication, why we started it, what it’s doing and why we are coming off it. One at a time.

We owe three women all of our successes with this doctor, and they know we appreciate them. We wouldn’t have found her without the trifecta mom referral. This doctor is a wizard, down for complex and emails in the middle of the night when needed. Additionally, she and her colleagues embody helper — they have done pop up drive up Covid testing, they embrace patients as whole people and it’s also notable how they support the entire family and community!

This is who we recommend, if you need someone to see your child, mind, body and soul.

They even take appointments in the car to accommodate Seeley’s anxiety & aggression as needed. They also bring blue popsicles.

Moving through our systems, we connected with our Children’s Mental Health Case Worker. Along the way, she called, filed and tried.

We also called our school and informed the best teacher ever that the struggle had gotten too hard. She told me she was going to get the ball rolling, and then she came to our house to help.

You read that right, OUR TEACHER CAME TO OUR HOME TO HELP US. She played dolls and talked about pooping to aid in that very real problem.

She along with her team of social workers and special education staff immediately began trying. They are still working tirelessly to assist and find the best possible placement for our sweet girl to get all of the help available.

They are helping because Seeley, and so many children in a dark or hard struggle, deserve help. Not because an IEP requires them too, not because it’s a legal binding acknowledgment of needs, but because they see her.

Mrs. DuFrene has called, messages and texted late in the day and early in the morning – always wishing us well and checking in.

She and I celebrate sleep, and most importantly update each other on decline, progress and potential assistance.

She is a helper Mr. Rogers would be proud of.

When Mrs. Kerri DuFrene arrived at our home, she unloaded groceries then promptly sat down for a makeup application.
**masks were worn through makeup, hugs & play**

Upon settling into trusting ourselves enough to stay home and see her through meds and all of these changes, many of our friends have helped me to stay motivated. We feel more on track this week and we are constantly reminded us that we will be okay, even though this sucks.

Last week, we also had an appointment at a sleep clinic and this week even more appointments so stay tuned for those updates next! More helpers!!!

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