5 small papers

I was going through some old notebooks and I ran across an exercise that I did in a leadership course a few years ago. It made me think of where my life is now, and I thought it was interesting to see it still holds true. Maybe even more so for me this year. 

The exercise was to put the 5 most important things to you on 5 different pieces of paper. 

I had my daughter, Seeley, my wife, Rachel, my family, my grandparents and time.

Then they told us to crinkle one and throw it away. I knew where this was going and I knew that one was going to be left.

Me and my girls around the time of my leadership training, where I worked on the five small papers exercise.

As hard as it was, to think of not having the most important people in my life, I was left with time. I picked time last because without it you do not have anything else. 

No more time with your kids, your spouse, or your family.

My little brother, Daniel, Me, Rach, My parents, Shari & Dan, and my little sister, Kadie with a tiny See.
from left, Kale, Mindy, Tryg and my brother in law Erik, Brian and my sister in law Amy, my in-laws Randy and Sue with See, Rachel and me.

You can have all of the money in the world and buy the biggest house, but no one can buy more time. The only guarantee with time, is that it’s not unlimited. 

It is important to take time for your kids, spouse, and family. 

It is equally important to take time for yourself. If you do not take care of yourself you will not have time for anything else. 

Everyone should take time for themselves each day, even as little as 20 minutes, can make a difference! Go for a walk, exercise, read a book, or anything that is just for you. Allow it to recharge you, and share your best self with the world and those you love. 


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