Target Training.

Scripting. Hiding. Trying. Thriving.

As a Minnesota native, I am proudly passionate about Target. I grew up to store #1, and feel she is out most famous native, even against Best Buy and 3M.

Target was one of our first classrooms.

Stomping out the extra energy prior to going inside for Target Training.

We have a get in the cart system, she is too tall and together we aren’t coordinated enough to get her in old fashioned smaller kiddo way, up, over and into the cart.

Ours is more like, slide in through the back door and wonder why everyone isn’t doing it too. We enter by lifting the back side and sneaking in.

We learned this from Kate, of Finding Coopers Voice, in her Target Run Video.

Since she was a little nug, she has loved the engagement of being in a cart, where she is able to see the stuff, and watch my expression while we chit chat about all the things.

When See stopped talking during her first regression, I didn’t know what to do besides fill the dead air time.

I talked constantly. I titled and described things, we talked about colors, I let her touch everything, and I talked and talked trying to describe everything I could every way I knew how. Texture, color, sound, price, the name — I was trying to hit each learning style.

We went along like that if we were home or on an adventure. I just figured, she was listening, observing and taking it in. I was right.

Titles/names, order/numbers and colors. All of these things make up the details of an item she is most interested in. To date, I still speak in these terms.

I admit, I was probably overwhelming in my efforts. It’s a long day, with a lot of words and a lot of listening when she and I are doing our thing.

It’s part of FlanaGirling, so it may be a little overwhelming but I can’t stop because, it’s one of the things I hear most in how she selects scripts to use, as she communicates.

Prior to March 6th, 2020 when our entire world changed — we had a good thing going at Target.

For See, it was a place where she could test her skills, we’ve always done that, and she feels such a sense of accomplishment among her ‘Target Friends.’

Target was one of our first classrooms. In FlanaVille we use this life to compile and work on all the skills — each day is a training ground for future Seeley.

I think being inside a red cart is one of her happy places, and who could blame her? Being pushed through target, with a personal tour guide, sounds like my happy place too.

Sometimes we even cross paths with a friend! I suspect because you can hear us from aisles away.

In all seriousness, I have studied why Targeting is the best thing for her, and I think it’s the ways we can adapt the situation to her sensitivities.

For instance, we only ever go in for a few things. Often, we can leave with more, but our goal is small and reasonable.

We also, work on social skills — which is her favorite part. Imagine this.

“Hi, my name is Seeley. What is your name?” ——- “Hi, Julia, it’s nice to meet you. I was born a mermaid you know?” —— depending on how someone takes the whole ‘born a mermaid’ news, I jump in, or if it’s going well, I stand back for the scripts to continue.

“Did you know I have super powers?” ——- “yeah, I was born a mermaid. My brain works different because I am autistic and I can make your day with a smile or a hug. I can run fast like FloJo too, but only when I have legs.” ——smiling target friend—— “want to see? Cause of Covid I can’t hug you but I can throw it at you. Can you catch?”

This could happen, once or twelve times — before she is done with her socializing and she retreats to a full lay squeeze into the cart. It’s like she goes in there to recharge her awesome, because after a while, she sometimes sits back up and is ready for checkout and another set of chitchat with the checkout person. “Hi, my name is Seeley, did you know I was born a mermaid?”

Right now, as we conclude 2020, we are no longer in the stores. We have decided to help Minnesota stay safe and keep delivery people employed. But, these FlanaGirls are ready to get back to it.

I wonder what the lessons will look and sound like as we enter the outside world again. I have a feeling she will surprise me.

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