My friend in the coffee line.

So, I met a friend.

As you can imagine, it started in a coffee line.

I was waiting for a mobile order, while she was waiting to order.

As I watched for a moment where I could share a smile — I noticed her shirt. {squirrel!}

It was white- like owned by a laundry queen, angel wings white. It was the first thing that caught my eye.

I was admiring her, thinking look at this gal, all perfect and cheerful. I am darn sure going to share a smile with this one.

She seemed much more approachable than the fell behind her and way more than the team shuffling around.

But then, she turned and I saw 🤟🏼 and I couldn’t resist.

I said, your shirt! It’s so beautiful, beneath your purse strap, is that 🤟🏼? She explained it was, she made it because someone in her life was deaf.

I explained I thought it was a symbol for neuro-diversity too because it was this classic colors flowing spectrum of the infinity symbol within their symbol. I said, cool shirt one more time, grabbed my coffee and left.

But that wasn’t the plan I guess because I turned on my heals and headed back in to ask if she would kindly walk by the car on her way out and share a smile with my daughter. No doubt knowing she would get a curly pinky, heart melting, 🤟🏼.

She one upped my hope and said, I will come right now. I then explained as I held the door for her that we use very limited sign language with my daughter. Further saying it helps her when she looses her words, adding that she has autism and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

She goes, stop! My son too!!

I can’t. The next moments were like heaven opening. I think I kind of blacked out in jubilee. I am sure Seeley charmed her, I may have been in too much of an emotional kerfuffle to have been impactful but I did slip her this page’s name.

I helped her find it on her phone – so She is here, and she is the kind of strong sweet everyone wants to know and surround themselves with.

Seeley says, her guys brain works different and he should come play!

She said, we should come meet her chickens.

We held our breath, still masked and she approved my hug. I may have gone all in squeeze, idk. I was still black out thrilled. I could have held her for hours. I could have stood in a teepee formation and taken a nap, knowing this stranger understood our strange, she saw our magic.. and I think we both instantly knew – we had each other’s support.

I mean.


I don’t even walk in anywhere — I am a drive up mom. Keep ‘er strapped in and everyone’s happy.

They say God works in mysterious ways, but guys he made magic in my daughter and he made a stranger create a short then put her in my path knowing I wouldn’t be able to keep my hug to myself.

Sorry Covid. I will hold my breath and hug a gal when a high foot just won’t do.

Take a risk, find a friend, make an impact.

Seriously, find your tribe. Especially in a coffee line. Bring them to the Troop where you became stronger.

Open your heart, show the doors you’ve walked through, be willing to walk along their path — walk in the damn coffee shop every now and again.

It could change everything, for you, for the her, for the kids, for the community, for many many many hearts!

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